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Where Fashion Careers Begin

We aim to provide each student with personalised attention that will enable them to enter the fashion industry with the utmost expertise and confidence by equipping them with the skills and practical experience in the process from concept to design and execution.

Personalised attention to individual students in the small tutor to student ratio is vital to the philosophy of the Academy.
Most courses are available on interest free instalment plans
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I always wanted to learn how to make my own patterns and design beautiful clothes but I wasn’t able to quit my full time job. I found the Diploma course by searching the Internet and was so happy that I finally was able to study what I am so passionate about. I have learned so much and was able to do it from home. When I got stuck, with making patterns or making the garments, my tutor was so helpful and made it really easy to correct my mistakes, and put me on the right track. Before I st…
Melanie Donhauser

Apparel Creation

NZ Academy of Fashion

Our courses are aimed at the local student with an interest in fashion. The mission is Where Fashion Careers Begin and we enable our students either start their Fashion career with a good foundation in vocational skills, or add to any degree they may have which may not include these skills. We teach the creation of clothes, with other courses adding to the students mix where required.

Students enrolled in any of our courses are NOT eligible for a student loan. NZAF does have interest free instalment plans available.

Our courses are not full time and while international students are welcome to enrol in them if in New Zealand on valid visa, the courses do not create eligibility for a student visa to study in New Zealand.

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